Fit Clubs and Kids! Just what I needed!

I had many thoughts about our fit club last night. I will most likely expand on my other thoughts in a separate post, but right now what I’m thinking about is how I felt when I stood in front of 4 kids I’d never seen before probably preschool age and had them sweating like cute little pigs!

Last nights Body Gospel Fit Club event was filmed by a film crew from England. We were to do a workout for the Moms and Dads and then one for the kids!  I took 3 kids myself, my son, step daughter, and nephew. Many others brought kids too. I’d say we had about 15-20 there. Most of them were included in the Body Gospel workout that was filmed.  I thought the kids fit club would be filmed too but apparently it wasn’t. So after the adults all got their sweat on and the camera crew conducted their interviews we gathered up the troops! Somewhat impatient due to waiting for all the grown ups to do their thing, they were ready to start!

Andrew Heath, a good friend and fellow Beachbody Coach puts on a Fit Club for children on the first Wednesday night of every month at another church so we left the details in his very capable hands.  He chose to have our kids do about 20 minutes of P90X Kenpo X.  After all, what kid doesn’t like to kick and punch right! Him and another good friend and coach Tiko Blane Started off at the front of the room leading Calisthenics and warming them up. Running in place, Jumping jacks, butt kicks, stretches. I could tell that they were loving it and so were the kids.  Several of us adults were scattered through out the kids,  attempting to get back our youth, coaching them on as well.

At this point we only had our group of kids. They were our children, nephews, nieces, all kids were were use to and comfortable with. Most of these kids come to our fit clubs weekly so  they are comfortable with each other and with us! The structure may have been a bit different than our normal fit club since we were focusing on the kids but it wasn’t anything out of the norm because like I said, we knew these kids.

Then it happened. Pastor Dave opens the door and walks in with about 15 more kids all around preschool age! When they all filed through the door in a very poorly created single file line, their little eyes got all big and bug eyed when they saw a gym full of people. Some jumping around like crazy people, some standing on the side laughing and talking.  They stood off toward the back of the room kinda gathering around their teachers or adults in charge. I could tell the adults where trying to talk them into joining the original kids for the workout. A few looked around shyly and a few even attempted to throw out their arms like they were punching but most just stood there looking lost.

I took a look around and noticed that a few of my other fellow coaches noticed this too.  A look was all it took to have us migrating towards the back of the room towards the new kids. Fresh Faces. Someone new to influence and inspire and motivate.

I moved to a corner where 5 kids stood. Three Cherub faced boys and two very determined looking girls. I claimed them for myself.  Eric Paul, Andy, and Tiko grabbed them a few each too! Everyone else there was catching on. As I looked around I saw that every adult on the gym floor had taken it upon themselves to guide these children that had never experienced an organized workout outside of gym class before.

Before we knew it we had them kicking and punching and jumping around with such enthusiasm I couldn’t help to join in. They not only made me smile, but lifted something inside of me.  It wasn’t about doing it perfect for them, it wasn’t about exercise. It was about the pure joy of participating in something active. Moving, having fun, laughing at each other.

That is what fit club has always been about to me and somewhere along the way I started feeling like I had to be perfect at what I was doing to succeed.  These kids showed me that as long as you are moving, and having fun, you are doing something right.  It’s great to do things the proper way and if you are able to then that is best. But if you aren’t able to, and not everyone is, the key is just to keep moving and most of all, have fun!  If you are having fun you will most likely do it again and again until one day you’ll notice, you are doing it proper and maybe even perfect.  And hopefully at the same time you won’t forget what got you to that point! Pure enjoyment of something that is fun.

Because of the late start I was only able to participate in joining the first group of kids.  Since I had brought three kids of my own I had to have them home by 8 so they’d have time to get cleaned up and fed before bed. It was after all a school night.  It opened something up inside of me thought. I rode that high all night long! Before I left though Andy invited me to attend the Kids Fit Club he puts on one day a month and Eric promised to speak to Pastor Dave about playing with these kids again. I’ve been told he got the ball rolling on that and I couldn’t be more excited.

It’s funny, most people will remember last night because we were filmed for a Documentary TV Show that will air in England.  It’s a big deal especially for our city who is ranked the “Fattest” city in the country! However when I think of last night, I’ll remember the kids.

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