Lost in life.

I cannot believe as I sit here and write this that my last blog post was in February. It is now November!  I love to write. Why do I wait so long to do it? I guess the only real answer I have is I got lost in my life. Sometimes we get so caught up in life we let the things we love pass right on by.

Like writing. Writing is such a wonderful way to express ourselves. I have noticed though with the increased popularity of sites like Pinterest and Instagram a lot of people, including myself, are using pictures to express themselves more. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it lacks the emotion one can express when putting words together to show an emotion. If you are a writer or have a love of words like I do, you know this. Some do express themselves better with pictures. I’m a lover of pictures too. But my first love will always be stringing words together to create an emotion and express myself.

Writing can be hard though, sometimes, if you just aren’t in the right mood, the words don’t come out right. You know how you want them to sound and you know how you want them to feel. And sometimes the emotion you are trying to express are so deep and strong the words you chose feel empty and hollow. Anyway, no matter why I let it go, I’m going to try to pick it back up. Starting now!





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