Don’t skip leg day!

Today’s rant is about Leg day inspired the fed ex man.

There is nothing worse than catching sight of a nice muscled up guy who is sporting his tight shirt to show off those beautifully sculpted buff shoulders, chest and arms, only to continue your appraisal down and seeing skinny little bird legs! I mean really guys, if you are going to take the time to do chest press after chest press, don’t use the squat rack for bicep curls.

Now there are some people out there who are like, who skips leg day? I realize I’m not as consistent in my workouts as I should be but my first lifting day of the week is usually legs. Why? Because its sucks dude! I want to get it over with first so if I quit later in the week, that one workout is done.  It is not uncommon to walk like a duck for a 3-4 days after a good leg workout. You’ll need to use the handicap stall to pee because you will need help getting down and back up again. I truly equally love and hate leg day. My favorite leg workout is squats. I could do squats every day of the week. Actually, when in a monthly challenge I do squat every day.  So tell me? WHY DON’T YOU!

I have a second job working the front desk of a local gym. It’s not a heavy lifters gym, its a gym for those who normally don’t do gyms. That being said we have a very loyal group of members. I mean, I can work there every night of the week and see the same people every day. So yea, maybe their motivation runs a little more than mine seeing as how I spend more time watching people work out than actually doing it. The only problem with this is, I see people every day, doing the same thing, every day. And when I ask, “What’s the workout today, Joe” I usually  get “Oh you know, going to work the legs today.” Then I see them walk over to the treadmill and start running. Or walk to the Arc Trainer and start. NO! That isn’t a leg workout. Grab you some weights, grab you a barbell, squat, lunge, raise. Use the machines if you must but running, walking, stepping, those are what I’d call a leg workout.

And ladies, you aren’t off the hook on this either. I used the example of checking out a man with a large upper body and scrawny legs but it happens just as often with us women. You don’t want little skinny stick legs. So what if you don’t get that thigh gap. You’ll have a sexy looking legs and a very nice behind.

I have friends, older friends mostly, who will say, oh no, I don’t work legs. I walk a lot for work. I climb stairs all the time. I got my thirty minutes in on the elliptical. Sure it’s going to keep you slimmed down but I’m telling you now, If you are taking the time to push your upper body muscles to their limit with weights, do you lower body the same favor. Build those quats and Hams. Lets those calves fill out a little. Trust me, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll thank yourself.

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