Sneak Peak

Jenny L Jones

Here is a sneak peak from the romance novel I just had published. Enjoy!

The Power of Love by Jenny Leigh Jones

“As the whole world seemed not to see her, Leela rushed down Main Street. She was late for work again and Sammy was going to fire her if she was late. In the six weeks Leela had worked at the diner she was late at least once a week. Sammy had understood at first but she was now losing her patience.
“Doctor’s appointment or not,” Sammy told her the last time, “I cannot let you get away with being late if all my other waitresses have to be on time.”
Waiting tables at the diner wasn’t easy work. She was on her feet at least eight hours a day. She would nearly pass out by the end of her shift, and would struggle to make her way home…

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