Venus Fairy Baths are the bomb!

bathWhat is a Venus Fairy Bath you may ask? Well, if you are friends with me on ANY of my social sites you know I LOVE the products that come out of The Garden of Venus and this one right here just very well may be my absolute favorite. There is nothing more relaxing after a stressful day at work or at home than just soaking in a Fairy Bath created from an amazing blend of Epsom Salt, Herbs, and Essential Oils.  The absolutely best thing about every little thing you can get from The Garden of Venus is it is made personally by your favorite Elder Fairy Mother, Elizabeth , with only the very best quality ingredients and maybe even a little bit of magic.  Not a believer? Try it and you will be!

Most adults don’t take the time to take baths.  I don’t know if it’s just the fact you have to slow down and enjoy yourself which face it, many of us just don’t do, or if it’s not wanting to sit in a tub full of water we bath in but come on, you swim don’t you?   Either way I think everyone should clean the tub out and take a plunge!  This is something you won’t want to miss!

I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of baths either.  Four years ago when I started working out a friend kept telling me to take baths in Epsom salt for the soreness and I completely blew her off.  (This could be because I didn’t want to clean the tub out, sore muscles and all.)  Now I think back and mentally kick myself because I could have saved myself a ton of physical and probably mental pain too!  But the past is the past and I’ve learned to be more open minded about things that help me.

Speaking of being open minded, I always thought that getting a massage was a luxury.  I also always thought that massages were highly over priced and I wasn’t going to let some stranger rub all over me.  Again, I wish I hadn’t been so closed minded back in the day because NOW I make sure I don’t miss my monthly scheduled massage or what I like to call my “Me Time.”

Some of you are wondering why I am talking about getting a massage when this is clearly about baths.  Just bear with me, I have a story for you.

A year ago, almost exactly, I scheduled my first massage with a woman I met a few years ago through mutual friends and immediately connected with her.  At the time I did it more to support her breaking out on her own and building her own business than because I thought I needed it. I still wasn’t sold that this was a NEED and not a WANT.  A year later, I’m sold and hope to never miss a chance to visit her but that’s a topic of another day. She did brew up the Fairy Bath Bombs though and that I want to talk about now.

Today I’m going to tell you about one of the most amazing, magically made must haves.  The Fairy Bath Bombs.  Created to ease the stress, aches, and pain of your day naturally.  As you can see they are not only fairy bathamazing in the bath they look pretty damn awesome too and make for great gifts. I recently gave one to a friend at her baby shower and was delighted when she messaged me after she soaked her aching pregnant body in it and felt so relaxed. When I asked her to write a little bit about how it made her feel, this is what she wrote :

“It had been a really long day. Between being very pregnant and having a very rambunctious three year old, I wanted to pull my hair out.  I had been sick with an upper respiratory infection and when my dad decided to take the boys out to dinner and leave me home alone I decided  to take a bath. I used  one of the Venus Fairy Bath Bombs Jenny gave me at my Baby Shower.  I’m not sure which scent I used but even with being sick with a stopped up nose it smelled wonderful. I sat in the warm bath for about twenty minutes.  When I got out I felt a million times better.  Very relaxed.  I love the Fairy Bath Bombs and I have one more here I plan to use the weekend before the arrival of my daughter.”

12112026_540872366080606_7356807692099441169_nIt is amazing that something that small can make you feel that good but it does!  I was a skeptic so I understand if you are sitting there shaking your head doubting it.  I get it. I also know if you just take the time to try it it will only take one bath to make you a believer. These Fairy Bath Bombs make you feel better physically and Mentally.  It’s not just a bath but Aromatherapy as well.

Now, several of you may be thinking, “But I can get those at Walmart.” NO, you can’t.  They aren’t the same. What you get at Walmart is mass produced by some machine and probably sub par ingredients to save cost. What you get at The Garden of Venus is something special made with only the best ingredients, thought, love, and like I said before, a little magic.  You can’t any fairy dust like this at a department store.

Another awesome thing is you won’t go broke buying them! These Fairy Bath Bombs are not only amazing but they are priced amazing as well!  You can get one Fairy Bath Bomb starting at $2.50 and has larger collections that go to  $15.  With blends for Mental Clarity and Body Equalizer there is no reason you shouldn’t try this.

I will also say that in her larger collections she compliments the Fairy Bomb with her own hand made Herbal Tea baths and Epsom Salt/Dead Sea Salt.  I have also tried these and came out feeling amazing as well.

These need to be on the list of NEEDS. You NEED to try these because your body deserves for you to treat it amazing and these will do things for youbath mentally and physically I just can’t explain. You have to try it for yourself.  If you are going to be so closed minded you just WON’T try it, let someone else try it. Give it as a gift. Christmas is coming up and these are the most affordable and thoughtful thing you can give. Hint Hint to my family. 🙂  All of the products, the Fairy Bath Bombs, the Herbal Tea baths, the massages, they are all therapeutic. They are going to better you day and life and attitude.  They are going to make your mind and body happy and healthy and who doesn’t need that! You need that. I need that.

So if you are just a bit curious about these awesome little fizzy dissolving balls of amazing you need to go here  to Elizabeth’s Facebook page. You can also check out her webpage here or her blog here  

I am pretty passionate about her products because I’m pretty passionate about my physical and mental health and her products help me with that.  The contain the essential oils that I love and many other natural products that I love as well.  I wouldn’t’ have felt right if kept these products to myself..  You have to try it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you let me know how you feel after you try them.


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