Impromtu post…

I was tagged in a post on Facebook today by a friend who posted several pictures of herself for the “I am beautiful the way I am Challenge.”

I’ve also been tagged by people for the Beautiful Women Challenge. I think it’s great and amazing to see some of the pictures people post of themselves that make them feel beautiful. I love seeing them with their families and kids and pets.

I love seeing the ones where they’ve just accomplished a huge goal or maybe they are down right filthy having fun outside.  I think it’s an amazing thing when a woman can say, “Look at me. I am beautiful.” , and really mean it.

Tonight, however, I saw a comment on the post I was tagged in that made me oddly sad. A comment that said, “Thanks for the tag but I haven’t felt pretty in years.”

Here is a woman I don’t even know and I want to make it my life’s work to show her just how beautiful she is.  Every single person has a beauty about them.  Maybe we all don’t have long lean legs, and a thin waist. Maybe we have scars and marks where some have smooth skin.  Maybe our hair frizzes out and doesn’t sit as smooth as others.

Those things aren’t what makes you beautiful.

You are beautiful because you are the only person in the world who looks like you. You are beautiful because regardless of how you feel about yourself you made sure to tell your friend she was beautiful.

You are beautiful because you care, genuinely care for others. You are beautiful because you put others first.  You are beautiful because your personality make you who you are and not the way you look.

The crazy thing was, I looked at this woman’s picture and even without knowing her, without knowing her personality or how loving she is, she really was beautiful.

I wonder, what happened in her life to make her feel that way. Who told her she wasn’t pretty and why would she believe them?

Everyone, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself,


It’s the truth.


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