Stress & Rest

StressRestScreen.jpgHey all, I needed to get some thoughts down and out of my head while I still knew what I wanted to say and what better way than to use you as a sounding board.

I agreed to do this series of scopes on Periscope with a couple health and wellness friends on health and wellness pyramid the company we partner with uses.   It is a way to help you create a healthy life completely and not just one aspect of your life.

I choose the topics Rest and Stress Management.   At the time  I was thinking, cake. I 100% believe in rest and always get my rest and it totally keeps my stress under control.  And then, life hit me. It said, really girl, well here, try this.

I have not felt as stressed and anxious in a long time as I felt this last week.  It’s like everything seemed to bottleneck into in this one week.

I’m not going to go into the specifics of the root of the stress but since I’m usually pretty dang good at keeping a handle on it I was shocked by how my body reacted.

I was literally in bed an hour earlier than usual every single day and still had a hard time waking up. Which hasn’t happened to me in the two months since I’m implemented my own morning routine.  I felt exhausted and lethargic throughout the day and more than once found myself doing my nervous involuntary actions I thought I had under control.  I found my patience to be short and my days to be too long. I found my focus to be horrible and my head to be a constant fog.   All of these things I usually are on top off.  So even though I was giving myself enough rest the stress ate away energy it gave me.

So if you want to know my tips on stress management and getting proper rest you need to check us out.  You can find me on Periscope. My name is Jennyjones529.  You can also follow my friends who will teaming up with me at Joyce @driftseed , Jamie @jfellrath , and Rachael @lunkoils . Periscope is a new broadcast app developed by twitter.

Anyway, thanks for listening while I work through my thoughts.  You guys rock!


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