Who really knows you?

Do you ever look around a room full of people you see every day and realize they have no clue who you are.

I have, I do.  Almost daily.  I’ve also learned things recently to make me realize that we are really good at hiding who we really are.

Does that make us fake?  My personal opinion is no.  I act one way around this  group of people and maybe it is because of the environment I see them in or maybe it’s because they don’t really know me or I don’t know them.   It isn’t that I’m purposely hiding that part of myself from them but that they just haven’t earned that status in my life.  Maybe you have no desire to know this other part of me so I don’t take the time to show you.

I look at the people in my life and wonder if I asked them all 20 questions about myself how would they answer.  I wonder how different I may be from one person to another.

The question started out as who really knows you but maybe the question should be do you really know you?

Things to ponder…


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