Writing Exercise 11/22

Here is my daily writing exercise. My random prompts are:

Place: In a pile of hay

Actor: A carpenter

Object: two new lightbulbs

Mood: Aggravated

Mitch looked around the old barn with nothing less than disdain.  He was aggravated for sure.  He was a carpenter and this job he had been suckered into by his mother could have been done by a anyone.  Including his lazy brother who never helps out the family with anything.

Determined to finish this project as fast as possible he looked around at all he needed to do. His mom had asked that the barn be made usable again. No, she didn’t have an use for it yet,  and knowing her she will probably just use it for storage but this was what she wanted so this was what he would do.

He saw an old pile of hay in the corner where he was sure several little critters were housed. He knew he would have to do away with that. Then the barn would need a Tom cat to help keep the mice population down.  It was obvious the lighting needed some work too. He only had two new light bulbs in his truck so he would have to get several more.  That would probably have to be a priority before he did much more.  Turning on a sigh, he went to his truck to get what he had.